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imgPosted by Soroush Babaeian | Mar 05, 2024
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Diving into Vancouver and British Columbia's beloved real estate market often feels like joining the party late. With fierce competition, soaring values, and limited inventory defining the luxury landscape, finding a profitable way and Buy investment property.

Yet one powerful pathway still remains to gain that coveted early mover advantage - targeting pre-sale listings before projects break ground.

Getting in on new developments early via pre-sales unlocks major upside. But historically locating these "off-market" opportunities has relied solely on insider access or broker whispers.

Unlocking Vancouver's Pre-Sale Profits proudly introduces the first consumer-facing database uniting ALL active pre-sale project listings currently available across Vancouver and BC in one place. Real-time, verified inventory from top-tier developers coupled with smart sorting tools delivers everything you need to directly tap into ground floor profits.

Read on for an inside guide into the immense power pre-sales bring to bear amid record market mania - and how our pioneering platform unlocks unprecedented access to early mover advantage with insider convenience.

The Power of Pre-Sales

Pre-sale real estate refers to buy investment property and purchase opportunities on new development projects made available early before construction breaks ground.

Developers offer these forward purchase MLS® home listings Vancouverto secure financing from buyer deposits to fund the build process. In exchange for taking on some extra risk, buyers lock in at rock-bottom prices years before residences complete and register significant property value appreciation once built.

In contrast to the cutthroat competition of bidding on existing resale inventory, pre-sale listings offer major advantages:

  • Bypass bidding wars & purchase directly from the developer
  • Lock in tomorrow's value at today's price
  • Capitalize on accelerating property appreciation over multi-year construction
  • Take possession of a brand new built-to-suit residence without reno uncertainty

Yet despite the immense early mover upside pre-sales unlock, uncovering these deals as an average buyer has remained largely out of reach - until now.

The Pre-Sale Discovery Challenge

The exclusive pre-sale opportunity arena has traditionally been dictated by ultra-premium developer's selectivity courting high net worth investors and foreign capital.

Public marketing rarely enters equation. Instead inventory gets allocated through behind-the-scenes VIP events, existing buyer databases, and discreet broker outreach hampered by geographic sales center limitations.

Essentially if you didn't have assets already with the developer or got ushered in by an inner circle agent, securing pre-sale access proved immensely difficult.

This is what ultimately drove us at to pioneer the first centralized pre-sales inventory platform empowering everyday buyers and agents to unlock equitable access.

Introducing Royalty Listings "Pre-Sales"

We're proud to officially pull back the curtain on our proprietary pre-sale listings feature - the Vancouver and British Columbia industry first.

For the first time ever, our verified database collects and aggregates the entirety of active developer pre-sale inventory in BC onto a single platform - now available for instant public discovery and tracking 24/7.

Gone are days of relying on insider Intel or fragmented data sets. We put ultimate pre-sales visibility right at your fingertips. Here is a breakdown of key discovery tools now uniquely accessible for all registered users:

Sortable Pre-Sale Database

No more endlessly chasing pre-sale project breadcrumbs across disparate sources. Our database centralizes and displays all active new development pre-sale listings currently available to purchase upfront across Metro Vancouver & British Columbia in one simple interface.

Optimized Filtering

Easily filter to narrow results by all relevant criteria - location, property type, project status, unit availability, possession timeline, deposit structure, amenities, pricing filters, average $/sqft, and much more. This flexibility allows you to instantly spot best fit opportunities personalized for your investing goals.

Location Mapping

Beyond standard listing details, every project pinpoints onto an interactive map to provide geographical orientation representing potential value appreciation zones coming online in surrounding vicinity. Easily identify emerging neighborhoods that align to your metro real estate forecasting models primed for possible outsized ROI based on planned infrastructure upgrades or future economic drivers.

Up-to-the-Minute Availability Tracking

Simplifies assessing chances to secure preferred units in high demand projects coming available. Real-time inventory gets updated daily across thousands of units.

Sale Alert Customization

Input your personal wish list parameters and we'll automatically notify you when matching new pre-sale MLS® home listings British Columbia or availability status changes occur in your target buildings. Act faster on priority projects the moment they come online before units get swooped up.

Unlocking game-changing ROI potential hinges on a first mover pathway no longer constrained by lack of access. By equipping buyers, investors, and real estate professionals with direct visibility into the full BC pre-sale development market in one place, we empower you to act swiftly on upside from an equal playing field.

Pre-Sale Closing Process Simplified

Beyond unparalleled search discoverability, also provides helpful closing process checklists so you can execute pre-sale purchases smoothly once secured.

Let's clarify key steps, requirements and timelines involved with new development buying:

Purchase Agreement & Unit Selection

Once you've assessed the pre-sale database and filtered down to likely projects, request VIP access from reps to start securing prime floorplans. Sign legally binding Purchase Agreement to finalize unit selection.

Deposit & Proof of Funds

Submit 10-30% deposit (varies by project) through certified cheque or wiring. Bank pre-approval confirming finance capacity to close future balance also required.

Closing & Possession Timeline

Developers provide estimated project completion timelines for context on when final closing processes initiate 12-36 months out.

Completion Walkthrough & Orientation

As building construction wraps, conduct in-person walkthroughs of finished units to formally accept delivery and transfer titles.

Final Balance & Ownership Transfer

On agreed final closing date submit remaining purchase balance payment. Registration of apartment titles then transfers legal ownership from developer to buyer.

Transition Support

Our end-to-end services further provide dedicated transition support. Access personalized assistance securing mortgage financing, identifying tax optimization vehicles, or determining optimal strategic sale or leaseback strategies.

Sizing up the Scoreboard

Let's connect the dots on why pouncing on pre-sale opportunities today can deliver such immense upside amid record housing hysteria:

Vancouver real estate since 2015 has averaged over 10% annual appreciation. Securing pre-sale units at today's rates caps your entry basis dramatically lower than trying to buy comparable resale down the road. And whatever current market rates are upon completion, guaranteed built-in double digit appreciation applied throughout the multi-year construction cycle will leave you way ahead.

Newly built residences also eliminate renovation uncertainties plaguing aging resale inventory exposing buyers to six-figure delayed costs and vacancy risks. Plus branded developer status affiliation allows you to market condos at premium.

While demand continues massively outpacing supply, pre-sales essentially gift you future inventory before it even hits market. Locking in now bypasses ruthless competition bidding commonplace on existing units while unlocking below market buyer incentives in-the-works.

In essence - pre registering at the starting line through prerelease listings hands you the ultimate head start to sprint towards securing wealth potential in Vancouver and British Columbia real estate despite market mania.

Seize Advantage Now

With extreme housing competition and heavy bullish tailwinds defining Vancouver and British Columbia's real estate arena, properly positioning early is non-negotiable to capture ROIs. levels the playing field by unlocking instant access for all buyers and agents to tap into the full spectrum of active pre-sale inventory spanning the province.

Getting in early lets you bypass ruthless resale bidding to lock up future inventory years before possession, while leveraging today's rates and stacking multi-year doubled digit appreciation throughout builds.

Don't wait around and risk getting priced out from the market's highest upside tier. Register for your free account today to access the pre-sales visibility needed to stake your ground floor advantage in Vancouver and British Columbia's luxury real estate boom only set to intensify.

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