Empower Your Real Estate Career with Royalty.ca: Exclusive Benefits for Agents

imgPosted by Soroush Babaeian | Mar 13, 2024

Are you a real estate agent looking to take your career to the next level? Joining Royalty.ca is not just a choice; it's an investment in your success. Let's explore the exclusive benefits designed to elevate your real estate game.

1. Communicating with Clients via Platform:

i. Liked Properties, Saved Searches, Recommended, Viewed Properties:

  • Build stronger connections with clients through our platform's interactive features. Track their preferences, liked properties, saved searches, and recommendations, creating a personalized experience.

ii. Appointments (Coming Soon):

  • Streamline your scheduling process with the upcoming Appointments feature. Easily plan property viewings, consultations, and more, directly through the platform.

iii. Clients Stats (Coming Soon):

  • Gain insights into your clients' behaviors with the upcoming Client Stats feature. Understand their interactions, allowing you to tailor your services more effectively.

2. Prospecting Clients:

i. Providing Value to Clients - Royalty.ca One Stop For All Real Estate Searches:

  • Position yourself as a valuable resource by leveraging Royalty.ca as the one-stop destination for all real estate searches. From residential to commercial, off MLS® listings, and pre-sales (coming soon), offer comprehensive solutions to your clients.

ii. Getting Client’s Consent - Terms of Use ✅:

  • Build trust by ensuring transparency. Gain client consent with ease through our user-friendly Terms of Use feature, fostering open communication.

iii. Growing Client List:

  • Expand your client base effortlessly by utilizing Royalty.ca's powerful tools for prospecting. With a vast array of property types and exclusive listings, your clientele is bound to grow.

iv. Sending Customized Client Email:

  • Personalize your communication with clients by sending customized emails directly through the platform. Showcase listings tailored to their preferences and keep them engaged.

3. Agent Page - Showing Your Transactions For Sale & Sold:

i. Residential & Commercial MLS®:

  • Showcase your expertise with a dedicated Agent Page highlighting your transactions in both residential and commercial MLS® listings.

ii. Residential & Commercial Off MLS®:

  • Stand out as a go-to agent for off-market opportunities. Display your successes with off MLS® transactions, showcasing your ability to uncover exclusive deals.

iii. Pre-Sales (Coming Soon):

  • Soon, you'll be able to feature your involvement in pre-sales, solidifying your reputation as a real estate professional with a finger on the market pulse.

4. Communicating with Listing Agent:

  • Connect seamlessly with listing agents directly from Royalty.ca. Initiate conversations via text, call, or email, fostering efficient and direct communication.

5. Royalty Portal - Communicating with Office, Deal Submission, Deal Preparation (Coming Soon):

  • Stay tuned for the Royalty Portal, designed to facilitate communication with the office, streamline deal submissions, and prepare deals efficiently.

6. $ Cash Back to Specific Clients:

  • Reward your clients with Royalty.ca's exclusive $ Cash Back program. Demonstrate appreciation for their loyalty and make their real estate journey even more rewarding.

Join Royalty.ca and experience a platform crafted with agents in mind. Elevate your client interactions, streamline your processes, and position yourself as a top-tier real estate professional. Your journey to success starts here.

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