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imgPosted by Soroush Babaeian | Mar 09, 2024
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Search residential and commercial together as savvy home buyers and sellers, tracking listing status tags provides valuable insights into properties' positions within buying and selling timelines. Beyond addresses and prices, status labels help you identify the timeliest opportunities to pursue according to budget, location, and other priorities. is here to decode key listing statuses so you can navigate negotiations from an informed position. Read on for definitions of tags like "Sale Pending," "Relisting," etc., and tips for searching foreclosure listings, sorting by price changes, and more.

Sale Pending - Under Contract

Using our Sale filter buyers can know that, Properties marked "Sale Pending," "Under Contract," or "Conditional Sale" means the home is under contract between sellers and buyers. The period between contract signing and closing allows the buyer to finalize financing, inspections, etc.

While pending sales may still fall through, serious buyers often deposit earnest money to demonstrate commitment. Interested buyers can still submit backup offers on pending sale homes, which sellers can consider if initial deals dissolve. Engaged buyers may explore pending listings but cannot force a seller to consider further offers once under contract.

Sold - Closed Deal

With our sold filter get to know that Listings marked as “Sold” signify the property deal has been finalized and closed following all inspections, appraisals, and legal requirements. Sold prices provide market insight for evaluating other homes' values, but no further action can be taken.

Search Residential and Commercial Listings integrated search allows buyers to Search residential and commercial together listings within preferred locations, price ranges, and property types. Customize filters for details like square footage, lot size, zoning type, and occupancy. Registered members can save frequent searches for easy access.


"Terminated" status indicates a mutually agreed dissolution of a property sale contract between buyer and seller. This may occur due to unsatisfactory home inspection findings the seller won't address, buyer financing falling through, or a simple change of heart.

Terminated listings revert to active status, allowing buyers to tour the home and present offers again. Buyers may negotiate better deals on terminated listings.

Sort by change in listing price

Use our custom sort to order property listings by “price change” to identify the biggest price drops or jumps, signaling motivated buyers or sellers. Significantly reduced listings may indicate negotiable sellers ready to cut losses from a previously failed deal.

Conversely, a drastic price jump generally means the property is highly coveted and valued. Price-conscious buyers should monitor updated listings for deals, while demand-driven homes merit priority viewings before competition heats up.

Expired - Back On Market

If a listed home doesn't sell by the time the agent agreement ends, its status changes to "expired." Sellers may now opt to relist with their agent or another brokerage.

Like terminated listings, expired homes present buyers negotiating opportunities for price drops or upgrades to reinvigorate interest.

Search Foreclosure Listings

Through our site, buyers can search bank-owned foreclosure listings often sold below market value. These properties may need renovations but allow buyers to add value through repairs. Foreclosure listings also present opportunities to negotiate discounts, favorable terms, or home improvement credits from motivated banks.


If sellers halt a previous deal to consider better offers, our agent marks listings as "back on the market." Similarly, "relisted" homes were previously listed before sellers withdrew them for a period.

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As your real estate advisors, is always available to explain the nuances behind listing statuses so you can navigate negotiations from a well-informed position. Let us guide you toward your dream home or optimal selling success.

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