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imgPosted by Soroush Babaeian | Mar 05, 2024
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Here at www.Royalty.ca, we're on a mission to empower real estate investors by unlocking easy access to accurate listings and sales data. That's why we're excited to highlight our latest features - 'For Sale Around Me' and 'Sold Around Me'. These tools leverage interactive mapping technology to showcase commercial and residential investment properties located right in your neighborhood and building for sale vancouver.

By simply enabling your device's location services, our platform can instantly map relevant real estate data around your vicinity andbuilding for sale vancouver. This opens up game-changing visibility into hyperlocal deals that you can reach and assess quickly. No more wasted hours searching through outdated listings or patchwork county records. Now you can discover fresh opportunities the moment they hit the market right in your own backyard. Let's explore how this can transform your research and prospecting approach:

Permission to Access Your Location

First things first - for these features to work properly, you'll need to grant www.Royalty.ca permission within your browser or app settings to leverage your device's location.

Here is a quick walkthrough:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on 'Privacy' or 'Permissions'
  • Select 'Location' or 'Location Services'
  • Toggle 'on' access for Safari / Chrome / Firefox / Your Real Estate App
  • You may also need to specifically enable GPS for precision

By allowing access, our mobile-friendly platform can then pinpoint your exact longitude and latitude coordinates using GPS. This allows us to deliver dynamic real estate data filtered to your precise vicinity.

But what does this actually look like on a map, and how can it reshape your investing strategy?

For Sale Around Me

Our "For Sale Around Me" tool applies this location-based filtering to showcase active property listings and buy hotel Greater Vancouer within your radius of wherever you happen to be at the moment.

As a real estate investor, imagine how much time and effort this can eliminate from your traditional research process. Now instead of manually searching through market-wide MLS listings, you can instantly spot "off market" and "pocket" deals specifically around your location.

This hyper targeted visibility allows you to zoom in on potential acquisitions mere blocks away that you may have otherwise missed. The bird's eye map interface makes it easy to scroll around your vicinity and tap on any property pin to pull up additional details.

You'll be able to view listing photos, past sales data, zoning information, ownership history, and comparable. This hands-on accessibility allows you to swiftly underwrite deals and pursue promising leads without lengthy back-and-forth negotiations just to access documents.

Sold Around Me

In tandem with active "For Sale" listings, our platform also maps out recent "Sold Around Me"

Accessing historical sales information has traditionally required digging through outdated county records and stitching together piecemeal data. This tool does all that retrospective research for you automatically.

Now with just a quick scroll around an interactive map, you can pull up key details on all recently sold commercial and buy apartment lower mainland in your immediate area. This includes ultimate sales prices, historical ownership transfers, financing terms, zoning details, tenant rosters, operating histories, renovation permits, and much more.

As a real estate investor, how can benchmarking hyperlocal activity better inform your pursuits? Here are some key ways:

Value Comps

Having instant visibility into the ultimate sale price of comparable multifamily buildings or commercial properties that recently traded hands right around you give you a true pulse on current market values. This allows you to accurately assess what acquisition prices makes sense in your specific neighborhood when underwriting deals.

Market Trends

Studying the volumes and frequencies of sales around your target investment geography can showcase supply/demand trends and help you identify emerging opportunity zones with upside potential.

Seller Behavior

Seeing the profiles, preferences and holding periods of sellers who recently liquidated real estate assets around you can provide insight around motivating factors and negotiation strategies when structuring your own deals.

Remodel Impact

Sales data often includes permit histories detailing any renovations, expansions, conversions, or updates sellers have made to properties before selling. Understanding the specific improvements that netted profitable sale prices comps around you can inform your own value-add models.

Unlocking Time & Cost Efficiencies

Traditionally, gathering and cross-referencing even a fraction of this localized intel would consume hours calling around listing brokers, finagling county clerks for records, or manually processing disparate datasets.

Our mobile-friendly "Around Me" tools unlock immense time and cost efficiencies by delivering granular location-based comps and listings instantly on a single interactive map.

Now you can spend less time buried in logistics and paperwork, and more time acting swiftly on strategic opportunities right in your sweet spot when they cross your path. This agility unlocks game-changing advantages to help you close more deals.

Strategic Prospecting

The power and convenience of accessing hyper targeted, location-based market intel from anywhere via mobile device can truly transform your prospecting model.

Here are some creative applications you can now deploy on-the-fly while in the field:

  • hot spot emerging neighborhood opportunity zones primed for repositioning based on spikes in sale volumes.
  • uncover and assess an off-market mixed use listing next door to a recent comp with alignment.
  • preview a commercial site that just hit the market near your best performing asset with tenant retention upside based on cross-shopping demographic data.
  • identify complementary distressed or under-utilized assets around your existing holdings to complete a strategic assemblage development play.
  • pinpoint motivating factors around why specific profiles of sellers liquidated at certain prices to benchmark and inform your own hold/sell/improve decisions.

Essentially our mobile location-based mapping intelligence unlocks unlimited possibilities.

Accessing accurate, real-time commercial and residential real estate listings and sales data localized specifically around your location delivers game-changing visibility and efficiency to card-carrying investors.

By unlocking this hyper targeted visibility instantaneously right from your mobile device, our "For Sale Around Me" and "Sold Around Me" tools allow you to act swiftly on opportunities, benchmark deals with precision, and deploy strategic prospecting models on-the-fly.

So, whether you're looking to grow your rental portfolio, flip houses, execute ground-up developments, complete note buys, assemble land plays, build out specialized adaptive re-use projects, or deploy advanced 1031 exchange strategies - leveraging our location-based intelligence can help you uncover and act on profitable prospects right in your neighborhood ahead of the competition.

Experience the distinction firsthand by enabling location services and trying our "Around Me" features today with your free www.Royalty.ca account!

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