Unlocking Opportunities: The Power of Leads Generated from Royalty.ca

imgPosted by Soroush Babaeian | Mar 13, 2024

a. Assigned to agents based on the area agent lives in, agent’s expertise, and agent’s languages spoken

b. 30%on Residential leads below$500k

c. 40%on Residential leads between $500k t o $ 1 Million

d. 50% on Residential leads above $1Million

e. 10%-50%on Commercial leads depending on the size of the deal and number of agents involved

At Royalty.ca, we understand that leads are the lifeblood of every real estate professional's success. Our platform is not just a place for property listings; it's a dynamic ecosystem that generates high-quality leads for our agents. Let's delve into how Royalty.ca's lead distribution system is designed to maximize your potential.

1. Leads Assigned with Precision:

Leads generated on Royalty.ca are not randomly distributed. We believe in precision and personalization. Each lead is meticulously assigned to agents based on:

  • a. Area Agent Lives In: Ensuring that agents are familiar with the neighborhoods they serve.

  • b. Agent’s Expertise: Matching leads with agents who specialize in the type of properties the lead is interested in.

  • c. Agent’s Languages Spoken: Facilitating effective communication between agents and clients.

2. Residential Leads Aligned with Market Dynamics:

Leads in the residential sector are categorized based on property value, aligning with market dynamics and agent capabilities.

  • a. 30% on Residential Leads Below $500k: Catering to agents specializing in more affordable housing markets.

  • b. 40% on Residential Leads Between $500k to $1 Million: Reflecting a balanced distribution for mid-range residential properties.

  • c. 50% on Residential Leads Above $1 Million: Recognizing the expertise required for high-value residential transactions.

3. Commercial Leads Tailored to Deal Size and Agent Involvement:

Commercial leads, being diverse and dynamic, are assigned with careful consideration of the deal size and the number of agents involved.

  • e. 10%-50% on Commercial Leads: Depending on the size of the deal and the number of agents participating, ensuring fair distribution and maximizing agent participation.

Our lead distribution system isn't just about quantity; it's about quality and strategic alignment. We believe in empowering our agents with leads that match their skills, expertise, and market focus, fostering successful and long-lasting client-agent relationships.

Join Royalty.ca and unlock a world of opportunities where leads are not just leads – they are tailored to your strengths, maximizing your potential for success in every transaction. Your success story begins with Royalty.ca.

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