Working with various commercial clients and developers, we needed to gather lots of Residential and Commercial data and to keep up to date with all market activities. Keeping up to date with all these sources of data required spending many hours of manpower and was impossible by traditional methods. So we decided to develop our own software that is capable of indexing any real estate data relevant to a property, both Residential and Commercial. Clients can access a centralized complete real estate database to search for properties for Sale or Rent with full access to property historical data and the ability to analyse property's potentials in terms of Personal Use, investment, or development.

Our Property data includes:

  • Market Activity (Sales & Rentals & Leasing)
  • Development Activity (Development Applications & Re-zoning Applications)
  • Property Assessment Values
  • Zoning Information (Current zoning & OCP data)

We are planning to grow across 10 provinces of Canada, ultimately providing all Canadians with an up to date complete real estate data.

Royalty Group Realty is planning to become the source for Canadian real estate information via our platform .

For investment opportunity with our company, contact us at [email protected] .